Corrosion Soils Testing

An asset to any corrosion engineering survey is proper soil testing to provide a Soil Condition Assessment. Engineering Design Technologies is permitted to receive soils for analysis from both domestic and international clients. We perform these soil tests following national and international industry standards.

We offer competitive prices:

  • Typical 5-day turnaround time on analysis and report. Expedited rates for turnaround time of 2 days is available upon request.
  • Standard Corrosion Series package is $250 per soil sample. EDT can provide reports following AWWA C105, DIPRA and/or WSSC analysis procedures.
  • Corrosion evaluation package is $250 per soil sample, plus $960 for report.
  • Report provides soil test results, corrosion probability, corrosion control recommendations along with expected corrosion rates of metallic and PCC pipes. The report is signed by a licensed professional engineer, licensed professional geologist and/or NACE corrosion technologist.
  • Additional GIS maps, Surfer maps and cross sections can be generated upon request.

Recommendations for Collecting Representative Samples

A minimum of one liter (~quart) Ziploc® bag samples are to be collected per sample location. Upon request, EDT will provide free soil kit containing sample bags, labels and methods. Please contact our engineers for best depth and spatial parameters. Each sample shall be labeled with the project name, location, coordinates, date, time, depth and sampler. To request a sample please fill out the Chain of Custody Form.

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